Most times, I base expectations of candidates on their campaign agenda. Chris Harris has been persistent in his calls to action. I like what I hear. Also in Chris’ favor, I can judge him by his record on the village council. He ensured that citizens knew all the facts before council votes. He spoke truthfully and did not patronize anyone. He opposed unwise actions and challenged discrepancies. Frequently, his logical calls to intelligently clear up misinformation were blatantly ignored and dismissed.

Chris’ courage and integrity in taking a stand was memorable and made me proud. I want him to lead this town. Citizens have a right to judge their leaders by their records. The current council displays a tendency to divide this community and keep them in ignorance of the issues. 

Attempts to double-talk, deny, and fool just enough people to stay in power is unconscionable. Too many times, I left a council meeting feeling this was not right. I admire committed and forthright people like Chris. Having seen him in action, I sense renewed vibrancy and hope. I know; I have lived here for 24 years. Residents are talking about the need for change and momentum is building.

People want to live here and stay here. Chris Harris is the “app” for that!

I had the opportunity in recent months to speak with my neighbors regarding a problematic zoning issue. Residents felt let down when evaluating the council’s actions. We acknowledge that a general malaise and ignorance has been cultivated and grown over the last 16 years. It is not acceptable for any village council member to answer any question with “I don’t know” about policies and procedures.

Chris Harris knows and cares to do something about it. Yes, he is the right man for the job.

Shirley Suber

Forest Park

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