I want to thank the Forest Park Review for a chance to respond to their endorsements for next week’s village election. 

I have worked hard to make Forest Park both business-friendly as well as a community that works to provide its residents the best services. We continue to have the finest public works and street plowing of any suburb. Our fire and police departments are the hardest-working men and women who constantly look out for our citizens. 

I worked tirelessly with our finance department and Village Administrator Tim Gillian to ensure a balanced budget for all four years of my term as commissioner of Accounts and Finance. 

There are times I rub people the wrong way. I get that. But at the end of the day it is because I want what is best for Forest Park.  

Ultimately, what matters is not what the Review wants or expects but what you, the residents and the employees of the village think. I am proud to announce I am endorsed by the Forest Park Fire Fighters Union, The Forest Park Fraternal Order of Police and the AFSCME local union. 

I now ask for one more endorsement, yours! Please make your decision based on facts and history. I have always served with you in mind. On April 7, please vote for Hosty to continue the progress for Forest Park.

Mark S. Hosty

Commissioner of Accounts and Finance

Village of Forest Park

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