Every year, Mrs. Elizabeth Seery and the second grade team take some time in February to teach the second graders about Chinese New Year. The students learn about the Chinese (or Lunar) calendar, what their birth year animal is, and what this year’s animal is. This year’s animal is the goat. In addition, the students learn about various cultural traditions, such as the giving and receiving of money in red envelopes, since red is the color or luck. The culminating activity is a New Year’s feast, complete with chop sticks. They decorate their classroom with traditional lanterns and and red banners reading “Gung Hay Fat Choy,” which means “Happy New Year” in Chinese. This year, the students braved sub-zero temperatures to enjoy their feast with friends and even some family members. Each year, the second graders look forward to this exciting day, and enjoy learning about a new culture as they prepare for it.