We are all settling in after very hard-fought elections. Flyers are in recycle bins and signs are being removed from front lawns. We all breathe a sigh of relief because we won or a sigh of exasperation because we lost. Everyone knows and many are more than happy to move on to something else, anything else. 

Those of us with children in high school have not left the fight. In truth, we are more engaged than ever because even though the candidates for change, Ned Wagner, Claudia Medina and Theresa Kelly won in the District 209 elections, it does not automatically mean their vision is a given. I believe they will be challenged at every turn. Resistance will be mounted to discredit the proposals that will be brought forward by the new members. This undermining will come from a variety of sources. My belief is the existing “leadership,” in the form of corrupt mayors, starting but not ending with the mayor of Melrose Park, Mr. Serpico, and involving even our own retained mayor, Mr. Calderone, will be spearheading many actions to ensure their gravy train continues to run. They are not going to let an overwhelming mandate from the voters get in the way of their way of life. That should concern us because they will continue taking our tax dollars to fuel their machine. They will attempt to resume bankrupting our schools if they can. 

 We must stay vigilant if we support the vision of our newly elected board members. If we can hold the board accountable by being present and asking questions in social media and in person, at board meetings and possibly town hall events, then we may contribute to the radical change D209 desperately needs.

Connie Custardo

Forest Park

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