On behalf of the Forest Park Little League Board, I would like to welcome all parents, ballplayers, friends and sponsors to another great year of Forest Park Little League Baseball.  Our outstanding organization only exists due to your continued support and dedication. With the help of our sponsors, Forest Park Little League will be featured in the Forest Park Review this spring.  Teams, standings, scores, and a featured game of the week can be seen in the Forest Park Review during the Little League season.  Opening Day is on May 2nd.  Opening Ceremonies will begin around 11am, followed by games at 11:30am and 1pm.  At 3pm Little League will be holding the Inaugural Brown Cow Ice Cream Home Run Derby.  Come out and support Opening Day with good food, raffles, games, and much more.  Check out our web site at www.forestparklittleleague.org for more info on opening day.  

This year the Mighty tee division will consist of 4 teams; Nobs Towing Brewers, Elite Auto Yankees, Forest Park National Bank Cubs, and Theisse Plumbing White Sox.  At ages 4-6 years, the Mighty Tee Division is strictly fundamental that emphasizes fun.  Our Rookies Division, ages 7-8, will have three teams in 2015; Spotless Car Wash (purple), Ed’s Way (green), and Ferrara Candy Company (orange).  At this age the coaches pitch to the kids with a league ball.  After 5 pitches, if the ballplayer doesn’t make contact, they are then allowed to hit the ball off a tee.    With an odd number of teams, All Rookie teams will get the chance to travel and play surrounding towns this spring.  The majority of games will be played on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  At the Minor and Major Division, ages 9-12, Forest Park Little League will be competing in the 2015 District 10 In-House Travel League.  Forest Park, Hillside, Berkley, Norridge, Broadview and Melrose Park are the six Little Leagues that have joined together to create a competitive house league for all towns.  With numbers decreasing and towns only having one team at each division, it is important that leagues work together and give any kid an opportunity to play Little League Baseball.  After the sixteen to eighteen game regular season, four teams from each division will make the playoffs and be given the chance to represent their town in the District 10 In-House Championship Game.

I would like to close by acknowledging one the best Park Districts any little league organization could ask for.  During my 15 years associated with Forest Park Little League as a player, coach, or board member, The Park District of Forest Park has gone above and beyond for the youth of this town and especially Forest Park Little League.  Without hesitation, the Park District of Forest Park provides services, facilities, and ball fields that have the reputation of being the best in the Western Suburbs.  Thank you to everyone associated with Forest Park Little League, both past and present.  I look forward to seeing all of you this spring. 

Nic Novak

Forest Park Little League President