Thursday, April 28, was Take Your Child to Work Day. Betsy Ross always has a family feel, so this is an important day to combine school and home families!


Mr. Milnamow graciously welcomes children of staff in for the day, where they are able to see their parents in action, and make new friends with each other and our wonderful Betsy students. The students absolutely love showing off their school and classrooms, and getting to meet their teachers’ students, who they’ve probably seen in pictures and heard stories about. The students and guests have a great time working with each other and learning from each other.


Mrs. Street, our first grade instructional assistant, goes above and beyond, planning activities for the children and taking lots of pictures to share, all in addition to her regular duties at school.


This year’s Take Your Child to Work Day was certainly a day to remember for all involved! We’re all looking forward to next year!