Heroic moms: Conan, Katie, and their son K. | Courtesy www.iadmireu.com

Donna Marie Post, a 10-year resident of Forest Park, launched her new website on Monday, May 4.

As she puts it, “I Admire U is a hub of uplifting and fun inspiration that celebrates the twists and turns of everyday women, and shares their awesomeness in their own words. In honor of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day in May, the launch interviews four moms, two of whom honor those who serve our military, on their journeys of health, wellness, career, relationships, family, travel, and leisure.

She shared with us a portion of one of the interviews, a mom raising a child with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which we’re sharing with you in honor of Mother’s Day.

To read more, visit www.iadmireu.com.

When you meet people that don’t understand CF and you come across different misconceptions about CF, do you find yourself compelled to educate people on the truth? What do you think the biggest misconception is?

I wonder sometimes if people think it’s contagious. As he gets older, the lungs are expected to gunk up more and he will develop a chronic cough. I suspect people will assume it’s something they can catch. I also think people look at him and see he looks like any other kid so it’s not a big deal. I don’t think anyone realizes how hard we have to work to keep him looking that healthy.

Your day begins with K’s liver medication and a 20-minute vest treatment to help break up any mucus in his chest, and each day you are challenged with getting him to eat. How do you center yourself throughout the day? What is your outlet?

It’s taken me a while to realize this but the best thing I can do for all of us is to take time for myself. In the beginning I neglected this because there was always something I could be doing for K, so I was putting me last. I know I can’t always get out and get a mani/pedi (my last one was on K’s due date), but I can crank up Pandora and dance and sing at the top of my lungs while loading the dishwasher. On days that I can manage to sneak out of bed before 6 a.m., I go for long walks with my headphones on. The other thing I do, and this is going to sound strange, but I allow myself a good cry from time to time. It’s a release for me.

Many toddlers are picky eaters. K is a picky eater and he has to consume 50 percent more food in a day than the average toddler. What tips have helped you meet his caloric intake? You cook a lot; is there a recipe that is a complete home run?

We try and add calories but in a healthy way and without adding bulk. Each calorie should have some nutritional value beyond being a calorie. We use healthy fats, powdered goat’s milk (easier to digest than cow’s milk), eggs, butters, etc. His all-time favorite recipe is my peanut noodle recipe. (http://confessionsofacosleeper.tumblr.com/post/85831598144/peanut-butter-noodle-time-peanut-butter-noodle-time) I use penne noodles and we pretend they are trumpets blaring, so he calls them his Dupe Dee Doo noodles. It makes me smile from ear to ear when he says, “Mamma, Dupe Dee Doo noodles, please.”