The results that Ms. Ford see on her smartphone after scanning her students.

Technology is everywhere at Garfield School.  Teachers use Promethean boards to teach lessons and students use Chromebooks and tablets for some of their lessons and assignments.  Recently, Ms. Stauder, Garfield’s principal, introduced a new way to use technology in the classroom to first grade teacher, Ms. Ford.  It is a digital formative assessment called Plickers.  When using this type of assessment, students are assigned a QR code.  Ms. Ford posts a question on the Promethean board for the students to answer.  The direction in which students hold the card dictates their answer choice of  A, B, C, D.  Ms. Ford then scans the class using her smartphone and results are immediately posted to her phone.  This allows her to know immediately what concepts may need reteaching or what students need extra assistance with what has been taught.