The Forest Park Middle School Garden Club is having their annual sale. The Garden Club, helmed by 7th grade science teacher Mrs. Susan Milauskas, gives students the chance to grow their own food. All the seeds are started in the classroom or in the raised garden beds behind the Middle School. Half of the proceeds of the sale will go to charity. The Garden Club members will choose the charity at the end of the sale. 

If you’re looking for a few plants to start your summer garden, stop by the Middle School after school by the raised beds on Thursday. Some of the plant offerings are: jalepeno peppers, various tomatoes, kale, kohlrabi and eggplant. If you’d rather something pretty to spruce up your front porch, the garden club is also selling flowers and ornamental plants. You can pick up some violas, snap dragons and begonias or stella d’oro daylilies.