The Eagle's Nest enjoying their trip

In the fall, Grant-White students were given the opportunity to form teams to compete in Battle of the Books.  In order to compete in Battle of the Books, students had to read books from the Rebecca Caudill list.  They met monthly to discuss their progress.  The first round of competition consisted of teams taking a written test of quotes from the various books from the Rebecca Caudill list.  The top 3 teams then went on to compete at the Battle of the Books in front of the entire Grant-White School.  Students heard various quotes from the book and had to identify which book they came from.  The team with the most points at the end of the competition was awarded with a special prize- an afternoon filled with adventures with Mrs. Giblin and Mrs. Greco.  They were treated to lunch at Erik’s Deli, a shopping spree at Magic Tree Bookstore, a sweet treat from Oberweis, and a tour of Oak Park Library.  

Congratulations goes out to The Eagle’s Nest for being the winners of Battle of the Books 2015!  

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