On Wednesday, May 27, Grant-White welcomed Mr. Todd Rogers, the Northeast Director for The NEED Project.  The NEED Project is the National Energy Education Development Project.  Ms. Davis has attended multiple NEED workshops and uses parts of their curriculum and materials to cover some of the 4th grade common core state standards.

Mr. Rogers and Ms. Davis worked with 15 students to explore energy at Grant-White.  The students learned how to use a light meter, flicker checker, Kill-A-Watt monitor, and thermometers to measure water and air temperature.  
The students began with a short lesson on energy and power plants.  They were then able to explore the instruments in the classroom and in the teachers lounge.  We learned that our fluorescent lighting contains magnetic ballasts which uses more energy than electronic ballasts. We also learned that we can save energy by unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use.
At the end of the day we made our way down into the boiler rooms where our custodian, Mr. Bob Villasenor, talked to us about the boilers that heat the new and old sections of our school.  The old boilers use switches while the new boiler is operated by a computer.  We learned that we save energy by insulating the pipes that carry the hot water. 

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