This year some of Garfield’s second grade students participated in the Math Munchers’ Afterschool Enrichment Workshop taught by the math specialist, Ms. Emond.  During this time, Ms. Emond assisted these students in digging deeper into what the students have been learning within their classrooms through District 91’s math initiative with CGI problems.  Based on what they have learned, the children wrote their own math story problems.   As a culminating project, they created a book.  In order for their stories to be published, each  child had  to be able to answer their own question and prove how they solved it.  The book was then developed using  The children typed their own stories, received teacher feedback, then edited their work and created an illustration.  The book can be viewed at:  When you are on the page, click on library and type A Collection of Math Problems to Solve into the search box.

These students held a popcorn fundraiser on two Fridays after school with the assistance of Ms. Emond and Ms. McGee.  The  money they raised from their sales will go toward the purchase of hardcover copies of their book.  Each student will receive a copy of the book to take home.  In addition, a copy will be purchased to be left in the Garfield School Library and another will be purchased to go with the students to Grant-White next year when they go to third grade.