It has come to my attention that the park district board was recently seriously committed to charging Forest Park Little League and Forest Park Soccer for the use of the fields at Harrison Street and Desplaines Avenue. 

I have also learned they elected not to move forward with charging either entity specifically, due to outside pressure and a voice on the board who did not want this charge to be implemented. You know who you are, and thank you for that.

I was relieved to hear that the collection of this revenue off the backs of our children was rescinded but equally troubled that it was considered in the first place. Those of you on the board who presented and supported this idea should be ashamed.

What is it about exploiting children that appeals to grown men and women? Parks and fields are amenities typically offered to communities to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. It is also true that those places exist and are paid for by our tax dollars. Is the park district so strapped it needs to ask more of the few participant families left in this town? 

Our families are already tested by the need to seek out and pay for other services, such as education, because this town and current leadership have dropped the ball on that. Now the park district wants the Little League and soccer teams to further burden our families by hiking the cost of children’s sports? Is nothing sacred?

Our families rely on certain amenities that all stable and conscientious communities offer. Can we continue to offer our children the availability our tax dollars should afford? I sincerely hope so.

Connie Custardo

Forest Park