The inaugural MusicFest, which runs July 17-19, will be longer, bigger and, according to the Chamber, better than the popular SummerFest.

Music Fest, as its name implies, will feature more live music — 19 bands in all — on two stages: one at Madison and Desplaines and the other at Madison and Circle. John Barry, president of Star Events which is running Music Fest, said, “We are investing $50,000 on our talent and family area. We have secured one of the best summer festival lineups in the area.”

Not only will there be more music than at SummerFest, but when Peter Gianakopoulos, owner of Old School Records who knows the music scene as well as anyone in town, saw the list of bands, he was pleased with the variety of genres represented.

Star Events describes itself as “a boutique-style production company … which has gained the reputation of being Chicago’s leading event company, specializing in producing world-class events.”

Rob McAdam, who is on the Chamber’s planning team for the event, said Star will do everything from booking the bands, to set up, to security, to financing. 

“They’ve been doing this for 20-plus years,” McAdam said. “They’ve managed many successful events in many neighborhoods in Chicago and they’re taking on the entire financial risk.”

MusicFest will be longer than its predecessor. The event will run Friday 5-11 p.m., Saturday Noon-11 p.m., and Sunday Noon-10 p.m. McAdam explained that vendors like the three-day format because even if there is bad weather one day, they still have more chances to make money.

The lineup

Bands scheduled to appear at Forest Park’s first MusicFest, July 17-19:

  • 16 Candles 
  • Mike & Joe 
  • The Blooze Brothers 
  • 7th Heaven
  • Too White Crew 
  • Wedding Banned 
  • Hot Sauce Committee 
  • Jack Straw 
  • Catfight
  • Sealed with a Kiss 
  • Rod Tuffcurls & The Bench Press
  • Dick Holiday & the Bamboo Gang 
  • Kashmir
  • Goodbye Hero 
  • Hat Guys
  • Semple 
  • Generation 
  • Fletcher Rockwell 
  • Serendipity

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