Rib Fest [Sept. 12] is a great event and, judging by the number of cars and people on Van Buren today, it seems like lots of people really enjoy it. As a resident at the Grove Condominium Association on the east side of Van Buren, I also think these village events are wonderful, but I can’t understand why whenever we have these sort of events, the parking rules seem to disappear.

Just this week, the parking spaces that had been on the west side of Van Buren were removed and yellow paint was applied on the west-side curb all the way from the Altenheim to the bend in Van Buren. However, the west side of the street was completely parked up when I walked by at 2 p.m. today. 

When I asked the police officers managing the traffic into the Forest Park Grove about it, they said they had not been told to ticket the cars and that I should call the desk sergeant. 

I called the Forest Park police non-emergency number and the officer who answered asked what I wanted done. I said that I wanted the illegally parked cars ticketed. I was told that I would have to sign a complaint for each and every car. I then asked why — isn’t it against the law to park by a yellow painted curb? I was then asked for my name and number and told someone would call me back.

I am waiting …

While I am waiting, I would also like to know why the street on the west side of Van Buren between Madison and the Altenheim, which is marked “No Parking Any Time” is also full of parked cars. There are no yellow curbs there but the signs are there. On the other hand, we have legal 2-hour parking spaces on the east side of Van Buren that have been marked “no parking” for the day. Why? It seems that our parking (as well as driving) situation changes at the whim of the village government.

These are over 200 homes in the Forest Park Grove Community Association. When there is a village party or a parade (they usually line up in front of our doors) our lives are disrupted. 

Well, OK. It’s all about community spirit. I get that. But we are part of this community too and I think we deserve to have at minimum some consistency in the application of parking rules, etc. It seems the area is treated like the Wild West during these events — anything goes as long as people can enjoy the event. I for one would enjoy it more if I could be sure an ambulance or fire truck could get down the street if needed and if the area were cleaned up promptly afterwards.

2:55 p.m. – still waiting …

3:30 p.m. – stopped waiting.

Monday 9/14 — still no returned call …

Joanne Despotes

Forest Park