Dear Mayor Calderone and commissioners of Forest Park,

Words cannot express the gratitude the Giglio family has for the mayor and village council members of Forest Park. Our dear Theresa was as wonderful, kind and loving a person as there ever was and you brought that to light not only once but twice. 

The first time was Aug. 24 at the village council meeting when you passed a resolution in Theresa’s name, honoring her accomplishments. The heartfelt speech Mayor Calderone gave after the resolution was magnificent. The village council members unanimously voted yes to adopt the resolution and we thank then from the bottom of our hearts. 

As if that weren’t enough, there is now a street sign honoring Theresa on the corner of Randolph and Brown, unveiled on Sept. 19. We can’t thank you enough for that honor. Her name will live on forever because of the efforts by the officials of Forest Park. 

The Giglio family would also like to extend our thanks and gratitude to former Forest Park superintendent Joe Scolire and former principals Edward Phillips and John Erikson for their efforts in initiating this honor for Theresa.

With sincere thanks,

The Giglio family

Forest Park