The Forest Park Middle School school store opened last week and has been a hit with the students. Students line up after school every Tuesday to spend their well earned Panther Paws. The school store was first introduced a couple of years ago to give the middle school students some more incentive to try for panther paws. Students can earn panther paws from teachers and staff as they move through their day following our Three Be’s–Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. Students can choose to drop their panther paws into class bins at lunch for a Friday afternoon drawing for a prize or they can keep their panther paws and use them as currency at the school store. The introduction of the school store revitalized the PBIS panther paw system here at the Middle School. More students are buying to the PBIS panther paws since they are so much more versatile. We look forward to seeing this momentum keep up all year long.