Each year Mrs. Compere introduces her second grade Library students to “The Library Dragon,” a story about a school that hires a dragon to guard the library books. The dragon is so serious about her job that she does not even let the children touch the books! Eventually, the dragon becomes a librarian who allows the children to learn to love their books, but keeps her tail as a symbol of the protective dragon inside her.

When Mrs. Compere introduces new books to the library for check out, she wears her dragon tail as a reminder for the children to take good care of their books because she has a little bit of dragon in her! But, in addition to learning how to care for books (and a lot of fun!), the students go on to learn about real dragons. They are able to research using books and internet research, and try to figure out how animals like komodo dragons, dragonflies, bearded dragons, and other “dragons” got their names.

The second graders just love this unit. If you see Mrs. Compare’s little bit of dragon, look out for new books, and remember to take good care of them!