Forest Park has a new dining destination, and the Crazy Grill and Buffet on Roosevelt Road sets itself apart from other buffets. Manager Jason Chen notes that Crazy Grill and Buffet stands apart from other establishments when it comes to his variety of offerings, as well as the specials that keep the customers coming back.
“Every week we have different menus, but we make sure to bring the customer favorites back. We serve American, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican foods. We have a daily sushi bar and a wide variety of fresh seafood.”
Peggy Smiter of Broadview is a frequent visitor to Crazy Grill. “I first came here with a church outing, and then I brought back my friend. I like the baked fish and the shrimp.”
Like Smiter, Whitney Atlas of Bellwood, is a repeat customer and enjoys bringing others to dine at Crazy Grill and Buffet. After a day of shopping, she treated her mother, her aunt and her young cousins to lunch.  While the kids might have been enjoying the wealth of dessert offerings, the adults were focused more on the main courses. Atlas remarks, “I like the sushi here, and we all love the variety of the choices that you get.”
Chen aims to please a variety of tastes and also wants to give back to the people who make up the near western suburbs. Crazy Grill and Buffet offers frequent dine-in discounts to firefighters, military, senior citizens, military personnel and police forces. Chen also offers discounted buffet specials for children, and recently teamed up with neighboring gym Planet Fitness to offer members a 15% discount with proof of membership.
While discounts might bring first time customers to the door, Chen believes the food will keep them coming back. Customer Marshall Nelson of Melrose Park says that the business plan is working for him. “I’ve been here four or five times. I’m a vegetarian, and I eat fish. The food here is good quality. They have a lot of choices, and they have great fish. It’s why I keep coming
Chen hopes that others will come experience the wealth of cuisines he offers at Crazy Grill and Buffet. With favorites like orange chicken, prime beef and the fresh crawfish and salmon, he likes seeing customers come back for more. “Everybody wants to save money, so we offer them a good deal, but I hope people will come here and feel like it’s home.”