The current condition of the Forest Park Dog Park is beyond degraded and unsanitary. That area is about 20% old decomposing absorbent wood chips and 80% mud and standing water. This sorry state of the park is unfair to both residents and non-residents who pay to use the park through both annual dog park usage fees and in the case of Forest Park residents, dog registration tags and property taxes. 

We, and other dog park users we have spoken to, would appreciate it if the village, twice per year, would fully replenish the chips in the park, maybe with the wood from cut down parkway trees and branches stored behind the Altenheim property off Madison Street that are offered to residents as free firewood on cable access channels. 

This job should not be expensive, and again, we pay for it and deserve a cleaner and better maintained park environment for our pets. 

We’re asking nicely of village government to fulfill this simple request. 

 Braden and Blanca Chmiel 

Forest Park

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