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Quarter 2 – Emily Jasinski




Position: Social Worker


Years of Service: This is Emily’s first year out of school and she has been with Field-Stevenson for 3 months


Education: Graduated from The University of Iowa with her Bachelors in Social Work and went on to receive her Masters Degree in School Social Work from The University of Illinois Chicago


Special interests: Bike riding, spending time with friends and family, being at her family’s cottage and shopping


Reason for being spotlighted: “The Amazing Emily Jasinski.” Emily was chosen to spotlight because she possesses all the characteristics of being a successful social worker. She is empathetic, patient, dependable, objective, flexible and perceptive. She does an excellent job of making herself relatable which makes her easy to trust. The staff and children are drawn to her and she has been able to insert herself easily into our school. She has a great ability to observe with skill and listen closely. This is quite impressive because this is her first year as a social worker. She has proven to be a viable asset to our school and community. I am looking forward to watching her continued growth as a person and social worker.