We and other Forest Park Dog Park regulars would like to sincerely thank the village for it’s quick (we mean within 30 hours quick) response to our request in last week’s paper to improve the park’s unattended condition. 

It is now 100 percent better and aesthetically prettier with the new wood chips. On Thursday night, we all were very content watching our pups run happier and safer on a cleaner and firmer strata/surface and not having to slog and slip through mud and standing water. 

We reiterate our request that this wood chip replacement be put on the village public works’ maintenance schedule at six-month intervals. Once a year is not enough. Thanks again for the quick response to our letter in the Forest Park Review and our fellow park users’ direct communications with village hall. 

We, again, are glad it got done so quickly. 

 Braden and Blanca Chmiel 

Forest Park