Whether you live to eat or eat to live, a snack like popcorn can satisfy both the taste and health requirements of a go-to snack food.  Jimmie’s Popcorn in Forest Park aims to help locals satisfy both their taste buds and their desire to eat healthier snack items. Owner Delores Hogues sees Jimmie’s Popcorn filling a needed niche for quality popcorn products, and she makes sure that all of her popcorns offer the best in flavor. 

“Food has always been my thing. I know how to do flavors.”

After a cancer diagnosis several years ago, Hogues, a lifetime corporate worker, was motivated to pursue her dream of working in the food business. She loved popcorn and bought a popcorn popper to begin to experiment with different flavor combinations in her home kitchen.

Two years ago, Jimmie’s Popcorn was born, and with a new location at 7415 W. Madison Street in Forest Park, she is enjoying sharing her unique flavors with her loyal customers.

Currently, Hogues has created twenty one flavor combinations and changes up the seven on offer at the store periodically. Customer favorites include the hot and spicy, which is a combination of red bell pepper infused with cayenne, cheddar and jalapeno flavors that Hogues calls a sweet and hot flavor burst.  The triple cheese flavor, Chicago mix of caramel and triple cheese, and Cajun spiced mix bring customers coming back for more.

Jimmie’s Popcorn also offers different nut flavors, and Hogues focuses on natural ingredients in both the nuts and the popcorns. She uses coconut oil to pop her popcorn and checks the sodium levels in her spices and cheeses. “If a word has sixteen letters in it and can’t be pronounced, I don’t want to use it as an ingredient. I try to do it right and go as natural as possible.”

On top of the amazing flavors she brings to her customers, Hogues also loves being a part of the community. Whether people visited during Forest Park’s Christmas Window Walk, come in for a snack or to buy a gift tin, Hogues forges relationships through her food. “I try to be kind to people. It’s easier to walk through life being kind. I treat my customers like I treat myself, and I treat myself well.”

Part of that mission is being the face customers see when they come into the store. Hogues is in the store every day making it her mission to show people how great popcorn can be. “I want people to have a different experience. I think popcorn can be amazing, I want people to see how amazing it can be if done right.”

Jimmie’s Popcorn is located at 7415 W. Madison St.  708.366.9600