This weekend, I defined the personality of Forest Park using the most modern method, the free-on-line personality test. I took the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test. I then matched this result to the Star Wars personality chart and have discovered that The village is most like Owen Lars.

Owen Lars was the moisture farmer on Tatooine who raised Luke Skywalker. He was responsible, loyal, hardworking and had traditional values. He, like Forest Park, kept the environment well-regulated and fostered an ideological child. 

Forest Park is not late for appointments. Citizens can count on street cleaning when it snows, bobcat sidewalk cleaning of every sidewalk in town, tree planting in the spring, leaf removal when trees fall and wood chipping of Christmas trees. 

We are assured of ticketing if we do not report our car’s presence overnight on streets or if we do not have a vehicle sticker on April 1. Our water bills will be marked delinquent if we are late. Our village has reputation for removing red tape and investing time and resources to ensure a healthy business community.

Forest Park is patient. Like Owen Lars, we shut out distractions to take on communal investments which include the Altenheim property, Roos property at the Park District and other property throughout the village. We favor a traditional mindset when making decisions for our community and elect officials who promote their length of residency in their political campaigns. We are skeptical of any “foreign born.” 

We like our community leaders to live in town, clean up after themselves and be involved in community projects. 

Much like Owen Lars, the foster father of the idealistic future Jedi master, Luke Skywalker, Forest Park attracts ideological creative people. Our town has unique businesses like a brewery, ice cream parlor, photography studio, comic book store, skate shop, guitar store, local art, knitting and a train-themed restaurant. Our citizens have created a community garden, GarageART, music schools and build caskets to race.

Forest Parkers enjoy the convenience of visiting the giant galaxy, Chicago, and take advantage of having access to the NHL, NFL, MLB, Chicago Symphony, museums and the Van Gough Room exhibit. We come home to the small-town charm of our local library, churches, parking meters that take dimes and nickels and our cemeteries. 

Forest Park is ISTJ, which stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. As a town we are capable, logical and effective and are driven to promote security and peaceful living. A ISTJ person, like Owen Lars, is highly effective at achieving goals — whatever those may be.