The smear campaigners are out in force this primary election, and voters who favor good government need to reject them and their tactics.

First there is State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez (for whom I’ve voted in previous elections) whose television commercials smear independent Democratic challenger Kim Foxx, depicting Foxx as a political insider (Alvarez has got to be kidding) and blaming Foxx for Cook County’s tax increases despite Fox not being on the County Board. But I guess that’s what a scandal-plagued incumbent has do when she’s got such a terrible record to run on.

And then there is the vicious, unrelenting smear campaign State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch is conducting against the very clean and very independent former Forest Park Commissioner Chris Harris. We’ve been inundated by Welch’s daily mailings that hurl false charges against Harris, depicting him as a conservative machine Republican who accepts contributions from special interests and lobbyists. 

The reality is that incumbent Welch is the one who is a cog in the Madigan machine and who milks contributions from special interests and lobbyists. Harris and Rory Hoskins were the only council members to challenge the local political machine and support good government practices.

We can take a stand for clean, independent government in the Democratic Primary on March 15 by voting for Kim Foxx for Cook County State’s Attorney and Chris Harris for 7th District State Representative. We deserve so much better than the machine politics and smear campaigning of their incumbent opponents.

Daniel Lauber

River Forest