Dear friends and neighbors,

As you may know, I am supporting Commissioner Chris Harris in the upcoming primary election for state representative on March 15. I believe that Chris has the knowledge, experience, vision, and integrity to improve conditions in our state and in our district.

Chris Harris served as the commissioner of Public Property on the Forest Park Village Council from 2011 to 2015. I served in the same position prior to Chris, and I know the difficult conditions that Chris faced simply by standing up for what he believed was best for Forest Park. Unlike his opponent, in his time in public service, Chris Harris did not dedicate himself to favors for his friends or special interests but instead dedicated himself to his constituents — the people of Forest Park.

Sadly, our great state has become the laughingstock of the country due to fiscal mismanagement, pay-to-play politics, and elected officials serving themselves and their special interests. The problems we have in our state are not due to Republican or Democratic principles. The problems are due to our elected officials making decisions that serve themselves and their special interests. His opponent has a long history in elected office serving himself and his special interests.

Chris Harris is now seeking to represent the 7th District in the Illinois House of Representatives. It takes courage to stand up and fight for the people of our district and against the highly funded political establishment and their constant barrage of lies and false attacks. But with your help, we can end the self-interest stranglehold on Illinois and send people of integrity like Chris Harris to Springfield and restore dignity to our great state.

Please join me in supporting Chris Harris and voting for him on March 15 to become our next state representative. 

Marty Tellalian

Former commissioner of Forest Park