Chris Harris

Thank you, Forest Park, River Forest, and those who believed in positive change in the state’s 7th District.

We knew we had a tough battle out of the gate going against massive special interest money, an opponent who has little regard for facts, and Michael Madigan’s “win at all cost” machine. So a big thank you to Forest Park and River Forest for seeing through the lies and smear mailers and giving us victories in both towns. 

Also, thank you to the nearly 10,000 folks throughout the district who found our message of taking money out of politics and fixing a broken system that is stacked against the average citizen.  

We had a great group of volunteers working throughout the district and to all of you I owe a very big and sincere thank you. We started with our core group but found likeminded people in every corner of the district who truly believed in our message of positive change. 

To all of our team and to those nearly 10,000 people who believed in our message, I say: keep fighting, stay vigilant, and hold your elected officials accountable. I know I will. 

Chris Harris

Forest Park