To conclude their writing unit on famous women in history, 5th grade students put on a wax museum tour for the Grant-White students.  

During library, Mr. Mills had each student research a famous woman in history for their biography project.  Using their research they gathered, they had to then write a small reasearch paper and create a poster to display.  Together with Mrs. Kokat and Mrs. Weaver, the students then created a speech for the students of Grant-White.  

During the wax museum tour, students were able to go from station to station and “push a button” to make the “wax statute” come to life.  At this point, the 5th grade student would recite their speech then “turn back to wax” when they were done.  

Each and every student did a wonderful job.  This project required them to push past their fear of pubic speaking and we couldn’t be more proud of their hard work.

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