“Smiley” faces were painted on the Forest Park water towers on the north and south side of towns under the direction of Commissioner Edward Lambke in 1974. The Forest Park “Smiley” could be seen for miles around.

Don Hinz, local business owner of two buisnesses in town: Dyna Glaze (auto beautification) and Pop City (soft drinks) was so inspired by the towering smiles, he created a welcome sign with bright red letters, which was erected on public property, near the Eisenhower Expressway exit at Desplaines Avenue, according to the July 2, 1975 article in the Forest Park Reveiw.

After nine years of “Smileys” looking over Forest Park, the first was painted over in 1983 after much debate in the village chambers.  The smile on the north tower lasted longer but eventually was painted over too.