There was an excellent turn out for D91 Annual Spelling Bee held on May 10th at the Forest Park Middle School. Participants were representatives from Grant-White Intermediate School, Field-Stevenson Intermediate School and Forest Park Middle School who had competed within their grade level in preliminary school events. 

Our congratulations go out to all the participants! It is a great accomplishment in itself to make it to the district level. The District Spelling Bee first place winner from each grade level received a trophy.

Our 2016 District Spelling Bee Winners:

3rd Grade – 1st Brandon Arnold    2nd Ayana Hoskins   3rd Mannie Hanner

4th Grade – 1st Avery Riley    2nd Kyran Underwood    3rd Ella Petersen

5th Grade – 1st Ashanti Coburn    2nd Nate Edsell    3rd Daniel Contreras

6th Grade – 1st Javier Figueroa    2nd Aaron Castro

7th Grade – 1st Derling Rivera   2nd Abigail LeBlanc    3rd Justin Chalichemala

8th Grade – 1st Jesse Hoskins   2nd Sakthi Kumar   3rd Vishnu Nair