Man charged with selling marijuana

A 36-year-old Broadview man was charged with selling marijuana after an officer stopped to check on his vehicle at 12:45 a.m., May 24, in the 700 block of Desplaines Avenue.

Curtis Q. Fardon was seen with a passenger in a vehicle parked in the upper parking deck of the CTA Blue Line station fully reclined in their seats with the vehicle’s lights off. When the officer approached, both Fardon and the passenger began to make movements, possibly to conceal something. At the vehicle, the officer reported smelling marijuana and asked what they were doing. Fardon replied that they were having sex. When the officer asked about the smell of marijuana, Fardon replied that they had smoked earlier in the vehicle and that there was marijuana under his driver’s seat. Police then located a jar containing about 15 grams of marijuana.

In a subsequent search of the vehicle, police also found a notebook that contained a ledger of drug and drug-growing activity, digital scales, more jars containing marijuana and multiple bags commonly used for packaging marijuana. Police reported recovering a total of 213 grams of marijuana and also seized $215 in cash and Fardon’s cellphone.

He was charged with manufacturing or delivering marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing identification. 

 Man attempts to flee police

An officer on patrol reported at 7:16 p.m., May 28, watching two men search for something inside a vehicle in the 600 block of Harlem Avenue. When they completed their search and got inside the vehicle, the officer approached to begin an investigation. The officer reported seeing broken metal pieces in the driver’s lap, which he suspected could be used to construct a “crack pipe.” The officer asked the driver, a 34-year-old Romeoville man, if what he had been searching for was crack cocaine, and the man said yes and began to cry.

The man then began to quickly drive away from the officer at a high speed. A few minutes later the officer was told of a vehicle crash in Maywood that matched the Romeoville man’s vehicle description. He was located and charged with fleeing a police officer. Police reported that no drugs were found in a search of the vehicle.  

 Caught with their pants down

A 44-year-old Maywood woman and a 60-year-old Chicago man were cited at 9:12 p.m., May 23, with public indecency in the area of Circle Avenue and Lehmer Street. While on patrol, an officer witnessed the pair having sex on a park bench. Police saw both with their pants off, and after asking them to get dressed, they were issued citations. 

Drug possession

Police conducted a traffic stop at 5:47 p.m., May 23, in the 7600 block of Roosevelt Road, which resulted in an arrest for drug possession. The driver, a 36-year-old Naperville man was stopped for having a cracked windshield. Following the stop, the officer learned he had a suspended license and noticed a passenger, a 29-year-old Aurora woman, possibly attempting to conceal something. Two other passengers in the vehicle were known to the officer from a recent encounter where they attempted to purchase drugs. The Aurora woman continued to make movements toward her purse, which police took from her out of concern she could have a weapon. The officer could then see a hypodermic needle in the purse and the occupants of the vehicle consented to a search. Police found drug paraphernalia and four bags of suspected heroin on the Aurora woman’s person and in her possessions.

The driver was cited for having a defective windshield and charged with driving with a suspended license. The Aurora woman was charged with possession of heroin, possession of a hypodermic needle and possession of drug equipment.

 Property damaged

A Forest Park resident reported damage to her vehicle at 10:17 p.m., May 24, in the 7400 block of Dixon Street. The woman said she found pry marks around her vehicle’s gas tank and a sticky substance resembling fruit punch on the gas cap. The resident reported she was having trouble starting the vehicle. As of the police department’s report, the resident had spent $160 to get the problem fixed, but the vehicle continued to need repairs.

Graffiti was reported at 6:20 a.m., May 24, in the 7400 block of Madison Street on the rear side of a building, second floor. Numerous names were found written in spray paint. The estimated cost to repair the damage was not available.

A Forest Park juvenile, whose exact age was not provided, was cited at 6:47 p.m., May 23, for criminal damage to property after spray-painting the word “butter” on a sidewalk in the 1000 block of Marengo Avenue.

 These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Forest Park Police Department, May 23-29, and represent a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anybody named in these reports has only been charged with a crime. These cases have not been adjudicated.

—Compiled by Matthew Hendrickson