Quarter 4 – Leslie Compere

Position: Primary Library Information Specialist

Years of Service: Although Mrs. Compere has lectured at the university level in prior roles, she has only been a teacher for five years and her entire teaching career as a certified library information specialist has been with Forest Park School District #91. Mrs. Compere started out as a librarian with three schools in the district; Grant-White, Garfield, and Betsy Ross. When the district added a librarian so there would be one at each level; primary, intermediate, and middle, she became the primary level librarian. Serving as library information specialist for pre-K through 2nd grade allows Mrs. Compere to focus on the special needs of students who are pre-readers, emerging readers, and beginning to truly grow as readers.  When teaching in the library her focus is exposing students to a wide variety of literature including stories from all over the world, teaching introductory digital literacy and information literacy skills, and helping students learn to enjoy stories and reading.

Education: Mrs. Compere has a bachelor of science in zoology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a master of science in health systems management from Rush University in Chicago, and a master of science in library and information science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  She is a certified librarian and endorsed to teach in the library for grades K-12, as well as endorsed for teaching art, biology, and general science.

Special Interests: When she isn’t working, Mrs. Compere is usually reading; children’s books, kid lit blogs, librarian review journals and blogs, and even books for fun. Her favorite genres for fun are picture books about science, narrative nonfiction about the history and cultural impact of diseases, and steampunk fiction. Mrs. Compere enjoys nature photography (especially macro), gardening, and science fiction, superhero, fairy tale, and Star Wars movies and shows. She also enjoys travelling and visiting museums, historical sites, and national and state parks with her husband and three children.  The Compere household has had many pets including fish, hamsters, mice, ferrets, dogs, and cats. Presently, they have a big malamute dog and two cats, so there is always a little bit of chaos in the Compere home.

Reason for Being Spotlighted: Leslie is being spotlighted because she works really hard with teachers to collaborate on their topics for research and supports the curriculum being taught in the classrooms.  This year, she also reintroduced the Monarch Nominee books to the students of Garfield.  Not only did she read titles from this list during library time, but she assisted the art teacher in integrating some of those titles into the art curriculum.