Quarter 4 – Lindsay Benacka

Position: Kindergarten Teacher

Years of Service: 6 years (2 as an aide, 4 as a teacher)

Education: Lindsay will receive her Master’s in Reading from Concordia University in a few weeks. She has her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Concordia University.

Special Interests: Lindsay enjoys going to or watching Blackhawks games and walking her 2 dogs.

Reason for being spotlighted: Lindsay welcomes parents into her classroom several times a week, either as mystery readers or to help with small group work, which really builds the home-school relationship for all involved. She engages her students with fun, meaningful activities that promote both learning and positive social skills. She promotes a love of good books, which is so important to inspire readers as they develop their beginning reading skills. Her classroom is an active place, where students move between groups, act out math problems, dance, and sing, making it both joyful and productive. The environment that she creates and the up-to-date methods she uses lead her students to academic, social, and emotional success.