Students at Grant-White Intermediate Center are getting acquainted with Bluestem Award winning books during their library time. Bluestem books are books nominated by children that have interest and appeal to students in grades 3-5. At the end of the end of the academic year, books are voted on across the state of Illinois to determine which ones were student favorites.


Mr. Mills is building excitement with selected titles by completing read alouds and activities in the library. Classroom teachers are also reading aloud a book each quarter. Each classroom was provided with a set of Bluestem Award winning books for students to check out, as well. As students finish the titles, they can test their knowledge with a computerized Scholastic Reading Counts test, and tally the titles they have completed. Prizes and recognition are offered to students who finish selected numbers of books.

These titles are also on display at many public libraries. They can be a great choice for family reading time, or reading at home to enhance exposure to various genres.

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