Does anyone remember Bob Sullivan’s weekly feature: This Week in History? He would collect stories from a century of Forest Park Review archives and drop these nuggets in a feature looking back through the decades. This week, I thought it was time to put together a little trivia for our hometown. See how well you know Forest Park, no matter how long you’ve lived here:

1. In 1839 a French-Indian trader, Leon Bourassa received a land grant from what president for 160 acres along the Des Plaines River, north of what is now Roosevelt Road. 

A. John Quincy Adams

B. Andrew Jackson

C. Martin Van Buren

D. William Henry Harrison

2. The Altenheim German Old People’s Home opened in 1885 and boasts the original Victorian buildings, still in use. Three Hollywood movies have featured the Altenheim, which film listed below does not feature the Altenheim?

A 1960 “The Apartment,” starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley       MacLaine.

B. 1973 “Harry and Tonto,” starring Art Carney.

C. 1988 “The Package,” starring Gene Hackman

D. 1995 “The Babe,” starring John Goodman

3. In 1913, a well-respected botanist living and gardening in Forest Park, Albert Sawyer of 424 Elgin, cross-bred and sold which of the following home-grown flowers and seeds throughout the Midwest: 

A. Sawyer Pansy-Rose

B. Sawyer Astermum

C. Sawyer Hydrangea-poppy

D. Sawyer Asterpansy

4. Schauer’s Hardware was once known as Peaslee’s Hardware. The Peaslees purchased what hardware store on Madison in 1919?

A. Nicholas Hardware

B. Fietsch Hardware

C. Kaul Hardware

D. Hass Hardware

5. Several businesses in Forest Park have had names that feature variations on the word “gold.” Today Goldy Burgers and Golden Steer still thrive. Which of the following was never a business in town?

A. Golden Drug

B. Golden Liquors

C. Gorey and Golden: Steam and Hot Water Repair

D. Golden Apple Restaurant

6. Prairie architect E.E. Roberts designed the original Field School. Although it has been changed over the years the original building is still hiding underneath the present-day Field-Stevenson. What other local landmarks did E.E. Roberts design?

A. Oak Park Art League (formerly known as Palmer Coach House)

B. Scoville Square (formerly known as Gilmore’s and Masonic Temple Building)

C. Louis H. Brink House at 533 N. Grove

D. All of the above and more

7. The photo (above) from 1991 features a Forest Park childhood favorite at 938 Ferdinand Ave. What was the name of this store?

A. Rosalie’s School Store

B. Jerome’s Candy Shop

C. Back Door Candy Store

D. Elsie’s 

8. What Forest Park mayor taught hundreds of Forest Park children how to swim at the Forest Park Aquatic Center before becoming mayor?

A. Mayor Anthony Calderone

B. Mayor Lorraine Popelka

C. Mayor Fred Marunde

D. Mayor Tom Colllis

9. At Schauer’s Hardware, there is a Rube Goldberg-inspired gumball machine. The metal door that releases the gumball at the end says “thank you” and features the image of:

A. A Clown

B. A Swirled Gumball

C. A Duck

D. An Acorn 

10. Before Forest Park Plaza was home to Living Word Church and several businesses, it was known as:

A. Forest Park Mall

B. Naval Ordnance Plant (Forest Park Torpedo Plant)

C. Forest Park Racetrack

D. All of the above

11. Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor features many flavors of ice cream, yogurt and sorbet. What is the most popular flavor of ice cream at this local parlor?

A. Vanilla

B. Chocolate

C. Chocolate Peanut butter

D. Vanilla-Cake 

12. Forest Park has lots of charming, small-town stop signs. When drivers meet at a four-way stop, drivers take turns at moving through the intersection. If two drivers traveling in opposite directions meet at the stop sign at the same time and one driver is going straight and the other turning left, which driver has the right away?

A. The law says the driver turning left has to yield to the driver going straight. Therefore the driver going straight goes first, followed by the driver turning left.

B. Whichever vehicle has the more aggressive driver gets to go first. Rules of the Road do not apply in these situations.

C. Normally, the “tie goes to the right” but in this case, you should check your email because you have stopped at an intersection.

D. “Left yields the right of way,” but in this case just hit the gas and cross your fingers.


Check your answers with the list below. Let me know if you’d like to see local trivia more often. And if you have a few questions for our readers, send them in.

1. C. Martin Van Buren. 

2. A. “The Apartment” was not filmed here in Forest Park. 

3. B. Sawyer Astermum, which came in three colors: white, light pink and lavender. 

4. A. Nicholas Hardware, 7342 Madison St.

5. D. Golden Apple Restaurant. 

6. D. Prairie Architect E.E. Roberts designed many homes, apartments and public buildings in the area. 

7. A. Rosalie’s School Store, in photo are Louis and Raella Cichetti. 

8. Mayor Lorraine Popelka. 

9. An Acorn, of course. 

10. D. All of the above.

11. C. Chocolate Peanut Butter (my favorite, although the raspberry fudge or lime sorbet are a close second). 

12. A. Driver going straight goes first, followed by the left turn.

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