Grant White’s Reading Specialist, Mrs. Greco, is hard at work collecting Sunny D labels for our school. Mrs. Greco has been participating in the Sunny D Book Spree program for several years now, and has successfully brought hundreds of books to Grant-White with her efforts.


According to the Sunny D website, Sunny D is proud to support children, teachers and parents across the country with the Sunny D Book Spree program. In exchange for 20 Sunny D labels, Book Spree delivers $120 worth of books to your child’s classroom. Since its inception, the Book Spree program has donated over $6 million in books. It’s the perfect way to bring more books into the classroom and open more young minds to the fun and joy of reading.

If you would like to donate labels towards this program, please send them into school with your child or drop them off in the school office.

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