Hillside police say that two juveniles involved in a Sept. 9 carjacking incident have been charged with vehicular hijacking, but at least one and possibly two others believed to be involved in the incident — which included a police chase through Forest Park and ended when the hijacked vehicle crashed on Harlem Avenue at the I-290 interchange — remain at large.

Police reportedly sought to charge the two captured juveniles as adults, but the cases are being handled by the Cook County Juvenile Justice authorities. Police expressed disappointment in that decision.

“These guys are dangerous,” said Detective Sgt. Carlo Viscioni of the Hillside Police Department. “Why they were on the street to do this is unfathomable to me and my chief.”

It’s unclear whether the two juveniles arrested by police are still in custody.

According to police, four or five suspects hijacked a black Jaguar in the parking lot of a gas station at 442 Mannheim Road in Hillside about 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 9. Viscioni said a handgun was recovered from that vehicle at the crash site in Forest Park.

Police also reported that another vehicle, a limousine reported stolen during an armed robbery four or five hours earlier in Chicago, was involved in the incident. Both the limousine and the Jaguar were reportedly seen speeding from the scene of the Hillside carjacking. The limousine was later found abandoned in Bellwood.

Police believe the same offenders were involved in the theft of the limousine, since it was at the gas station when the carjacking occurred.

Officers from multiple police agencies chased the Jaguar, which headed east on I-290, exited at Desplaines Avenue and then weaved through Forest Park before crashing while trying to re-enter I-290 at Harlem Avenue.

The occupants of the vehicle — Forest Park police reported there were five people who bailed out, but Hillside police could not confirm that number — ran from the car. Three headed down the east ramp; one of those subjects was apprehended by police. One ran northbound on Harlem Avenue and was captured by police. A fifth occupant may have run down the west expressway ramp, eluding capture.

One of the three who fled down the east ramp, 17-year-old Tyrece Coleman, of the 7400 block of South St. Lawrence Avenue in Chicago, died from injuries sustained after he jumped onto the expressway from the ramp while being chased by police.

According to Forest Park police, one of the suspects who fled on foot to the east was able to enter a vehicle stopped in traffic on the expressway. That vehicle, a smaller black SUV, was last seen headed eastbound. 

However, Viscioni said there have been no reports of a car being hijacked on the expressway at that time or place.

“It’s not unusual for guys doing this to have chase cars or follow cars,” Viscioni said. “Or it could be someone who was just assisting someone being chased by the police. There’s been no follow up in regards to someone saying they were carjacked in the Eisenhower.”

Viscioni also stated that at the time of the police chase from Hillside, a separate carjacking incident was reported in Broadview. It is unclear whether that incident was related to the one in Hillside.