Mortgage Planner, Andrew Palomo

When it comes to buying a home, whether you’re a first time purchaser or looking to get back into the market, the world of mortgage financing can seem overwhelming. Mortgage Planner Andrew Palomo of Oak Park’s Perl Mortgage is here to take the mystery out of applying for and obtaining financing for your home purchase, whatever your circumstances may be.

Andrew has over twenty five years of experience in the industry and brings a strong financial background to his work with mortgage clients. He points out that there are a lot of misconceptions about the mortgage process and that a trusted guide can make sure you end up with the best product for your personal circumstances.

For Andrew, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the mortgage business. “We start out with: what are you trying to get done, and how can we get you there? The focus is on the clients.”

For renters looking to jump into the home owning world, the ability to buy a home may be more obtainable than you think. According to Palomo, 22% of renters who think they cannot qualify for a loan, have the ability to buy a home but just don’t know it.

“We partner with the Path2Buy program which is geared towards first time home buyers. People generally start the process with Google, but paid advertisements on the internet might not provide a complete picture of the process. Our online program is specifically designed to educate renters about the home buying experience.”

Anyone interested in the Path2Buy program can attend a free 7 minute webinar for first time homebuyers at

Mortgage education is also helpful for those looking to re-enter the arena of home owning. Andrew notes that many people who have been through a prior foreclosure or short sale aren’t sure about the requirements for getting back into the market.

“There can be a lot of confusion about when you can get back in and how. We can help you figure out the timelines and how to enter the market again.”

At Perl Mortgage, Andrew also offers community education on the wide variety of mortgage tools available and hosts weekly classes at Perl’s Oak Park office.

For Andrew the key is structuring everything to each specific client’s needs. “We help people structure a deal that works for them, no matter what obstacles they face. Whether you are a first time buyer who might need help with closing costs, or someone whose student loan debt keeps you from putting 20% down, we can help.”

Perl Mortgage is located at 224 S. Marion in Oak Park. To schedule an appointment with Andrew or learn about upcoming programming, call 708.383-2280.