In honor of  Fire Prevention Week (October 9 – October 15, 2016) the Forest Park Fire Department visited the second grade classes at Garfield School on Wednesday.  The children learned the importance of not touching things around the house that might be hot such as an iron, hair tools, light bulbs and kitchen appliances.  They also learned a lot about smoke detectors, first and foremost the importance of having them in their homes.  Next they learned they should check the batteries once a month and replace the batteries twice a year.  All smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years.  

Children were also taught what to do in the event that the fire alarm goes off in their home. They should follow the escape plan that their family has created and practiced.  Students were told they should always get out of the house and not to go back in until an adult tells them it is safe to do so.  Of course the firemen also taught the children that if their clothes ever catch fire they should, cover their face with their hands then “stop, drop and roll” until the fire is out.  

The presentation ended with Firefighter Lindsay showing the students how firefighters look when they are in full gear to fight a fire.  One reason for this is to show the students all of the pieces and to explain how each piece is used.  Another very important reason for this is so children know what it looks like and know not to be afraid if they ever see firefighters in full gear.  

A big thank you to the Forest Park Fire Department for a wonderful presentation!