Fifth graders at Field-Stevenson partnered up with Middle School students to complete Problems of the MonthProblems of the Month is a set of nonroutine problems used in a schoolwide effort to promote problem-solving. Every student begins with level A and then works their way up through as many levels as possible.  Field-Stevenson 5th graders and Middle School students all had same problem of month and carefully worked at digging deeper into mathmatical concepts and strategies to solve it.
Afterwards, students made posters of a strategy and solution for the level of their choice.  Student approaches to achieve solutions to these challenging math problems can vary greatly. To assess strategies, Field-Stevenson and Middle School students took a gallery walk around their partner school.  Poster were hung in the hallway as an art gallery so students could walk through critiquing the posters created noticing how it compared to their own work. 
Finally, there was sharing among their peers and discussion about how their critiqued strategy compared to others and any new insights or opinions they had about the strategy.