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Yesterday, Grant White traveled on a “Passport to Kindness” as we celebrated Unity Day. Our day began with a whole school assembly in the gym. We watched the following video Bullying: You are Not Alone! We then played a game we call “The Wright Family” which was a story that our own Mrs. Giblin wrote about a student who was being teased and bullied at his new school and how his school family pulled together to help him out. During the story, the students had an orange goody bag and every time they heard the word “Wright, they had to pass the bag to the person on the right and everytime they hear the word “left”…well, you get the idea. In one bag was a golden ticket and the winning student and their class won the Grant White Unity Flag. Mrs. Rush’s class won the flag and they have the responsibility for paying attention to classes

around them and finding the class that is exhibiting kindness, caring and including others. They will present the flag to our new class next week and the tradition will continue moving forward throughout the school year.

Each student received a “Kindness Passport” filled with activities and missions to complete individually and as a whole class and school. Take some time to ask your child(ren) about their favorite activities and how we can work together as a school family to make sure all children know that they are not alone and feel safe.

Below are some of the activities we participated in. I hope this helps spark some meaningful conversations at home!

%u25CF Kindness Graffiti Wall is now filled with hundreds of ways to be kind and caring at school.

%u25CF Orange Ribbon Wands were placed on our front lawn and each student identified ways to stand up against bullying

%u25CF We wrapped our school in kindness with our kindness chains as students identified what they will do to make Grant White a safer, kinder and more caring school.

%u25CF Students will continue playing the Random Acts of Kindness Game this week until they complete every activity on their mission.

%u25CF In art, students are celebrating their diversity, uniqueness by tracing and cutting our hands to show that together we are a masterpiece.

%u25CF Students heard read alouds in class and in the library about kindness, caring and not bullying.

%u25CF We took the Unity Challenge and each class signed the Unity Banner and an anti-bullying pledge.

%u25CF Classes created Kindness Circles and Circles of Compliments with their class and created a living web using yarn as they shared compliments with their classmates about something someone does well or ways in which someone shows kindness for others.

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