At tonight’s Forest Park Village council meeting, the village commissioners plan to officially consider allowing video gambling in the village.

The mayor and board of commissioners will vote to approve or deny an ordinance that would allow video gaming in establishments where food is prepared and served along with the sale of liquor. If approved, it will allow bars and restaurants in the village with liquor licenses and in good standing with the village to have video gaming machines in their establishments.

Restaurant and bar owners in the village have pressed village officials to allow video gaming in the village, claiming that they cannot compete with other similar businesses in other villages who have it. But there have been at least three attempts by those in opposition of video gaming to get a referendum on the ballot to allow local voters to decide on the issue.

The move by Patrick Jacknow, a local realtor and other residents to get the referendum on the Nov. 8 ballot was met by legal challenges that kept the issue off the ballot, but Jacknow and others were working to try again in the spring.

Depending on tonight’s decision, the work done by those in opposition of video gaming may come to an end if the board leans in favor of the village’s bar and restaurant owners.

The Forest Park Village Council meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. at Forest Park Village Hall.

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