At the end of each quarter, Garfield’s PBIS team organizes an end of quarter celebration for the students and staff.  The first one took place last Friday, November 4.  The first quarter celebration revolved around the Superkids.  Students in Kindergarten-2nd grade were mixed into 6 groups with students from each grade and each classroom.  Each group worked on 3 different activities.

In the Kindergarten rooms, the activity was to make a snack, like Superkid Cass.  There were paper chef hats for everyone to wear.  Kids were able to  choose from an assortment of items to create their own trail mix and a half a banana with their choice of sprinkles.  

When working in the first grade rooms, students learned about voting.  With Election Day fast approaching, this activity gave students the idea about what it all really means.  First they listened to a teacher read the book, “Duck for President” by Doreen Cronin.  After that, they had opportunity to vote for the Superkid they thought would be the best leader of their club.  The Superkids that were on the ballot were Cass, Oswald, Doc and Sal.  

In the second grade rooms, the students were asked to “Be a Superkid” by making a note to send to a veteran.  Before the students made their notes, they read a book about Veterans Day.  

It was a successful afternoon!  Be sure to check our Facebook page to find out who the winner of the Garfield Election was.