Forest Park Preschool recently celebrated their first Family Fest!  Family Fests are an integral part of the preschool program.  These events are held in the evening and all preschool students and their families are invited to attend.  Three are planned each year, the first one is in the fall, another one in the winter and the final one in the spring.  For each Family Fest evening, the preschool team organizes different activities that promote learning for young students.  During each fest there are a few projects that incorporate the season, a gross motor activity, a speech activity and of course a fun snack.  Preschool students and their parents also participate in decorating the fest with a fun family project that goes home a few weeks before the event.  For the fall fest, a blank pumpkin was sent home and each family decorated theirs to represent their family.  The teachers loved seeing how different and unique each pumpkin turned out.  The preschool fests are a great way to watch the children interact with each other and meet new families.  The teachers are looking forward to the winter fest which will be held in February.