J&J Nails & Spa’s second location in Forest Park is quickly making a name for itself in the western suburbs in the nail care niche. Owner Jay Dang has over fifteen years of experience in treating problem nails and uses his expertise to bring relief to his clients who suffer from nail problems.

Dang trained as biochemical engineer in Vietnam and worked in the sterilization department of a hospital prior to joining Chicago’s Mario Tricoci Salon has a nail technician. He brings his adherence to strict cleaning procedures to his own salon. Along with his careful sterilization practices, Dang has been working on a proprietary procedure that helps clients with ingrown toenails.

Ingrown toenails are generally the result one of three underlying problems according to Dang. “Ingrown toenails could be hereditary. In many instances, normal nails could become ingrown toenails when they are tightened by tight footwear, or when they are blocked by part of skin in front of them when they are cut too short”

According to Dang, ingrown nails cause calluses underneath the nail. Calluses are dead skin, and if they are left alone for a long time, moisture can cause the skin to decay, turning it into food to germinate fungus spores that exist everywhere. This is how ingrown toenails get infected by fungus.

Dang helps clients heal their ingrown toenail problems with techniques tailored to their underlying problem. Dang specifies a cleaning process involving special tools. For others whose toe nails might be deformed from years of mistreatment, Dang works with them through a series of treatments to straighten their nails.

He says of one client, “For ten years, she never wore open-toed shoes because her toe nails were so deformed. I worked with her through many treatments, and I straightened her nails. Now, she can wear open-toed shoes again.”

Dang notes that many clients of a certain age begin to feel their toenails are unsightly or painful, and they often look in the wrong place for relief. “Regular medical technicians do not know how to deal with ingrown toenails. Podiatrists deal with fungus infected ingrown toenails by prescribing oral or topical fungus killer but do not clean the decayed tissues, so the problem normally persists.”

At J&J Nails & Spa, Dang offers free screening for ingrown toenails and nail deformation. Once he identifies a problem, he works with clients to come up with a treatment plan. He also offers prevention plans for regular customers. Dang acknowledges that these treatments go above and beyond standard pedicures, and says they are health treatments not cosmetic treatments.

J&J Nails & Spa is currently offering nail services of all types at 406 Thomas Avenue in Forest Park, and Dang is offering a 20% discount on deluxe pedicures through the month of January. To make an appointment call 708.820.2808.