Yesterday, December 8th, 2016, the Forest Park Middle School participated in the national Hour of Code. Recognizing that computers and coding are the pathways to a lot of future jobs, the Middle School and, in fact, all the schools in Forest Park, implemented the Hour of Code. Once a year, all the students drop everything they’re doing in class and choose on of the various links to try and learn how to program a little game or animate a character. Some of the students tried out the Frozen mini game. Others tried Sketch, a program that allows them to create their own character sprites and create little mini games. I had a good time yesterday competing with one student with the little race game he’d created. 

Hopefully, the students will take their experiences from the Hour of Code and use them to launch themselves into great careers in the future. For those who perhaps didn’t particularly enjoy it, they at least we able to look behind the curtain and see all the work that goes into some of their favorite games at home.