The Forest Park man who began camping on his lawn and abstaining from food on Jan. 1 is now in the sixth day of his strike, even as nighttime temperatures in the area dropped into the single digits.

Department of Health and Safety Director Steve Glinke, along with a social worker, met with Xavier Guerrero Murillo on Thursday around midday at Murillo’s Circle Avenue home and encouraged him to stay indoors. But, Glinke said, the village has no plans to alter the status quo. Forest Park police will continue to monitor Murillo and Glinke added that the kids are safe inside the house.

“He’s just an optimist; he’s hoping for a miracle,” Glinke said. “He’s been encouraged to come up with a plan B. He’s going to have to find another place to live.”

Brian Passmore’s Chicago-based Longstreet Captial Funding LLC is now in possession of the property following a Dec. 12 Cook County court ruling. When reached by phone Friday, Passmore would not confirm whether an eviction notice will be served on Murillo or if Longstreet plans to sell the property.

“I’m not sure,” Passmore said. “[But] in the next couple days, we should have a better idea.”

Murillo admitted Friday the frigid temperatures have not been pleasant, but he remained steadfast. He also mentioned he sometimes becomes dizzy from fasting but has managed to continue handing out fliers to passersby.

“It’s terrible to sleep outside,” Murillo said, “but it would be more terrible if my kids were kicked out of the house.”

As reported earlier this week by the Review, Murillo stopped paying taxes on the home in 2011. His deceased father, along with his brother and cousin, purchased the home in 1990. Longstreet Capital bought the taxes at auction in 2013 and has continued paying the twice-yearly bill.

According to Cook County records, the property was valued at $146,550 in 2015. 

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