As the Forest Park Public Library begins its 101st year, we invited an artist, Rich Alapack, to create chalk art in bright colors on the outside of the Library, using the words “We All Live Here.” This campaign is about celebrating differences, but it also supports the idea that together we share the responsibility for creating a healthy community.

The library is a place that is accessible, inclusive, and open to everyone. Our collections, programs, and mission are intended to be relevant to all members of our community, regardless of age, sex, race, national/ethnic origin, religion, economic status, political views, sexual orientation, gender identity, or citizen status.

We believe in the open exchange of ideas and freedom of speech. We do not condone behavior that threatens the safety of another or supports bigotry, sexism, or racism.

Everyone deserves to feel they belong and that they have a voice. At the Forest Park Public Library you will always be respected and welcomed because we all live here.

Please share with us if you have thoughts about how we can further our efforts to make our library a place where everyone feels welcome. You can email us at

Pilar Shaker

Forest Park Public Library