Congratulations to Mr. Rey and his 7th and 6th grade basketball team won their conference last night! 

Our students accomplished this feat while overcoming some overwhelming odds. For example, two of the schools in our conference have more students in one grade than we have in our entire school. Two of our regular starters also were not even members of our team last year as 6th graders and they did phenomenally. The team also accomplished this exceptional goal while finishing second quarter with a collective GPA if 3.31. Thank you to all the teachers, parents and administration who helped out our students. 

All our members deserve congratulations! 

Oxavionne Bryant

Jacari Cole

Christian Crawford

Lathan Fields

Javier Figeurora

Hamza Hodzic

Tajonn Johnson

Kameron Mabins

Micahel Racanelli

Dominic Robinson

Marquel Saleek

Demante Sanni-Fields

James Shortall

Di’Mari Willaby