This past Friday at Forest Park Middle School outstanding teachers, parents and students met for the PTCC-PTO’s annual Math Night.  We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated to make this fun and purposeful night a success.  Special thanks go out to Mrs. Malarski, Mrs. Urbaniec, Mrs. Rush, Miss White, Mrs. Petrey, Mrs. Todor, Mrs. Uhlman, Mr. Drent, Mr. Hopper, Mr. Cushing, Mr. McElligott, Mrs. Bork, Mrs. Seery, Mr. Quirk, Mrs. Halliwell, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. O’Connell, Mr. Millnamow and Miss Millnamow  for sharing their time and talents with us.  Huge thanks to Dr. Brunson for coordinating the event with all the schools to bring such an awesome event to our families.  We are also grateful to the  excellent parent volunteers, especially Shannon Wood, Celes Leonard, Alison Askham and Ned Wagner for sharing their energy to serve delicious Damenzo’s Pizza Pi and Math Snacks at the Math Shack.  Thank you to all the families who joined us.  Big thanks to everyone for coming; it added up to a terrific Friday night in Forest Park.

Jill Wagner,

South PTO President